The Bubble

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The Bubble: Who Caused It. Who Called It. What’s Next.

Based off the New York Times Bestseller “Meltdown” by Dr. Tom Woods. A film by Jimmy Morrison

MPAA: Not Yet Rated Release Date: Coming soon!


The Bubble is coming out at a crucial time in American history. Numerous films have blamed the free market for the economic woes of the country. Uniquely, Tom Woods has teamed up with experts such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Doug Casey to explain the economic problems America is facing and what is needed to restore prosperity.

You can’t watch the news today without hearing more calls for regulation. Deregulation is consistently the boogey man when it comes to sound bite explanations of this economic crisis. The public currently believes the government saved us during the Great Depression and that it will save us again today. America needs a simple economics lesson on this recession and Tom Woods has done just that in his book Meltdown. The Bubble successfully adapts Meltdown into a feature-length documentary.

The Bubble features interviews with numerous economists and financial analysts who actually predicted the housing crisis and recession. The people we are trusting to solve this problem claim no one saw it coming. The fact is Austrian economists predicted this recession years ago, and they are the only ones with the insight necessary to bring us out of this economic slide. This film asks them why this crisis happened, how we recover, and what America is facing.

Director’s Statement from Jimmy Morrison

I sat down with Tom Woods 18 months ago to pitch him my idea for educating the public about America’s bubble economy. Here we were two years after the fact and not only had those who predicted the housing crisis not risen to power in the government, they weren’t even asked why it happened. Since then, we have interviewed Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Joseph Salerno, Patrick Barron, Mark Thornton, Roger Garrison, Robert Murphy, Doug Casey, Jim Rogers, Gene Epstein, Jim Grant and Ron Paul.

Dr. Woods’ book Meltdown: A Free Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse spent 10 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. We are adapting this book into a feature length documentary, The Bubble, which Dr. Woods will be narrating. The difference between this film and Academy Award Winner Inside Job is the story we tell is actually backed up by the people who understood what was happening before it happened.

The American public needs to understand what the country is facing. Too many people are unaware that the government is repeating the same mistakes that led to the past financial crisis. While political leaders pander for votes, everyday Americans remain unaware about the dangers of reckless monetary policy and government intervention.

It is my hope that The Bubble will raise consciousness and inform the public about America’s economic future. With significant academic and historical support, The Bubble explains the negative incentives created by government institutions and cheap credit. Time after time, the government’s supposed solutions have only made problems worse. Why should the public trust Washington to do the right thing this time?